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Virtela, a NTT Communications Company, is the smart alternative for enterprise networking and virtualized IT services.

We delivered award-winning services via our Virtualized Overlay Network and Virtela Enterprise Services Cloud (ESC) platform, with Local Cloud Centers (LCCs)


Usability Analysis, UX Design, UI Design, iOS App development, QA and Testing

Development Platform

iOS (iPAD Application), RESTful API

unu is an e-commerce platform which deals in mobile battery cases. uNu Electronics Inc. is a global distributor of mobile-electronic accessories. Myunu is built on Magento framework and backend was PostgreSQL . From design to development total time involved was 2 months. The client was in need of rolling website live as fast as possible due to competition and other business reasons. We conceptualized the website design and finalized development platform considering it as an e-commerce website so stability and flexibility were the key.


Usability Analysis, UX Design, UI Design, App Development

Development Platform

Opensource Magento Framework.

Other Technology Involved

Python scripting for automation for the testing website.


Database modeling, Postgresql database for user authentication and other data storage.

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