Know us

lumium design

We're Sponges

We listen to the stakeholders and users. We ask questions, make statements, test our ideas and iterate.

We soak up information, wipe away assumptions, wring ourselves out and repeat. Iteration starts with listening.

lumium design

We Shine Brightest when Invisible

Our mission is to create tangible passion and joyful experience for you keeping our design invisible.

lumium design

Love for Design

Empathy, business acumen and a love of design are the hallmarks of our design team.

We embrace blue-sky thinking and work in close knit cross-functional teams to facilitate a fluid exchange of ideas from different functional design perspectives.

Lumium has the talent and goes the extra mile to deliver excellence.

Waqar Hasan

CEO - InsightsOne

Please express our thanks and appreciation for the exceptional work displayed by your entire Lumium Team in providing the technical expertise for development of our company's first iPad Application.
Virtela looks forward to our continued teamwork on improving our current application, and maintaining our relationship with Lumium into the future.

Timothy D. Roberge

Operations Delivery Manager - Virtela Technology Services Incorporated

We have enjoyed our successful partnership with Lumium for our design and development needs. They have a strong team to support our product development for various technologies and platforms.

Aditya Agrawal

Director of Strategic Marketing - ITC Infotech (USA), Inc.

Our Expertise