The primary objective of design audit is to evaluate and review the current version of the Application from usability and user experience point of view. Any usability issues and shortcomings of user experience will be identified and new design directions will be provided. After the evaluation, the next phase will be to redesign the application enhancing its user experience based on these expert recommendations.

How Is It Done?

The methodology in which we approach the audit is as follows. Using Nielsen’s heuristics as a guide, we divide the document into these 7 topical areas:

  • Navigation & Information Architecture
  • Page Layout
  • Visual Design
  • Homepage, or frequently visited templates
  • Search
  • Forms & Data Entry
  • Help, Feedback, & Error Tolerance

We start off each topic with web design best practices related to that specific subject area, making sure they are relevant to our client’s website (seen in screenshot below). We do our diligence to find supporting research to strengthen our claims, as well as offer the insights of thought leaders in our field. So if our clients would like to learn more, they have a list of references they can review that align with our recommendations.